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[베트남] 호이안 쿠킹클래스 추천/호이안 바구니배 투어/

나를 2년 만에 리뷰 작성하게 만든 현지에서 제가 직접 만든 요리입니당 ♥ 베트남 호이안 쿠킹클래스/ 코코넛배 투어! 5박 6일 베트남 여행을 다녀왔어요! 2박은 호이안! 3박은 다낭! 으로 결정을 했지요 첫날밤 11시 도착해서 바로 ‘그랩’을 이용해서 호이안으로 넘어옴! 둘째 날 아침 오전 투어로 다녀왔어요!^^ 나만 알기 너무 아까운 투어라서 소개해드리려고 2년 만에 컴뷁! 자세하고 꼼꼼히 다 […]

11 must-eats for a food tour in Hoi An (pt.2)

Hoi An s banh beo (steamed rice pancake) is big and thick compared with its Hue cousin. Its topping sauce is also thick, and brick red, a color that comes from achiote or tomato juice added to a mixture of shrimp and pork.

11 must-eats for a food tour in Hoi An (pt.1)

Hoi An attracts millions of visitors every year to its centuries-old relics, nights that are magically lit up by hand-made lanterns, and gentle activities like cruising on the Hoai River that flows through it. This old town in the central province of Quang Nam is also known for its people s honesty and hospitality. But […]