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[베트남] 호이안 쿠킹클래스 추천/호이안 바구니배 투어/

나를 2년 만에 리뷰 작성하게 만든 현지에서 제가 직접 만든 요리입니당 ♥ 베트남 호이안 쿠킹클래스/ 코코넛배 투어! 5박 6일 베트남 여행을 다녀왔어요! 2박은 호이안! 3박은 다낭! 으로 결정을 했지요 첫날밤 11시 도착해서 바로 ‘그랩’을 이용해서 호이안으로 넘어옴! 둘째 날 아침 오전 투어로 다녀왔어요!^^ 나만 알기 너무 아까운 투어라서 소개해드리려고 2년 만에 컴뷁! 자세하고 꼼꼼히 다 […]

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Réhahn brings vietnam to France

The exhibition of photographer Réhahn has started at the Caen Expo Congres, Normandy, France since Sept 16th, on the theme of Precieux Héritage du Vietnam – Vietnamese precious heritage. The exhibition is well-organized with a perfect combination of costumes and photographs in order to give the audiences a new look at the beauty of the […]

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Hoi An: The best city on earth

Mr Quang and I were doing some spying, deep inside central Vietnam. Our mission? To discover the top-secret ingredient of cao lau from a family of fourth-generation noodle-makers, who have been making it for 150 years. Possessing a moreish smoky taste and a chewy texture, the exact recipe of Hoi An s unique dish is shared among […]

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